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Be Sure to Vote for our Kid Artwork!
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Welcome To The Crafty Shops Kid Art Contest - Free To Play & Vote!
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What You Can Win :
  • First Prize - $20 gift certificate redeemable at craftyshops.com to kid artwork with most votes
  • Monthly Drawing Winner - Top 5 Kid Art Contest vote getters are entered in a drawing for a prize also sold on www.craftyshops.com and find at gifts great for kids too. Winners announced in our monthly web show posted here & on facebook.
  • How To Vote :
  • Vote each day (1 X vote per day) on your kid art page. Search for kid art contest pages by state here.
  • Like artwork in Crafty Kid Art contest facebook album for Contest Month (2 X each Like per Fan)
  • Tell all family and friends to vote everyday!
  • Submit Your Kids Artwork For Free

    How To Submit Kid Artwork
    Option A.Enter information on our online form Here
    Option B. Drop your information and photo of the artwork in the mail and address it to :
    Shoppy Designs Artwork Contest
    P.O. Box 678
    Moneta, VA 24121

    For each submission please include the following :
    1. Submitter name (Only first name and state are posted
    2. Submitter age
    3. Submitter location (For example : Moneta, VA )
    4. Title of Artwork
    5. Comment about artwork
    6. Clear jpg image of the artwork or a photo sent to us by mail
    7. Email address

    8. If you want it returned, please add a self addressed stamped envelope.

    Kid Art Contest Rules
    1. Submitter must be 12 years of age or younger.
    2. Submitter must be a legal resident of the United States of America.
    3. A submitter can submit no more than 1 Kid's Artwork entry per month
    4. Unless an entry wins, each entry will be entered in 2 consecutive contests (the current month plus 1 additional month).
    5. Any new entries will receive 5 votes.
    6. At the start of each month entries still competing in future contests will be reverted back to 0 votes.
    7. At 8pm EST on the last day of each month voting will close to determine the most popular winning artwork winner.
    8. The winner will be notified by email on the first of each month and asked to name their prize. If we do not recieve a response within 10 days, we will not award any prize. If you are a winner and do not hear from us, please email us at kidartcontest@craftyshops.com.
    9. Entries need to include all information requested.
    10. All entries will revert to 0 votes on the last calendar day of each month.
    11. Artwork may be added to our facebook fan page, Crafty Kid Art Contest On Facebook where you can vote too.
    12. Only one vote per person permitted per day (on our website) which is determined by the IP address of the voter. If suspect any form of cheating, we will remove all votes made by that IP address variation.
    14. In the event of a tie, which means that 2 or more entries ends the month with the same amount of votes, the entry submitted to us first will be the winner.
    15. All entries must be approved by the Crafty Shops administrators - Each entry must be determined to be ''family friendly''.
    16. Entries must be original artwork and not a depiction of any commercialized product.

    17. The Crafty Shops administrators reserve the right to change the rules for this contest at any time.

    18. If you the most votes in the current month's contest, you must wait until 1 more contest has completed before entering again.

    19. If we suspect any cheating involved with a particular entry, we will remove that entry from the contest.

    How Do I Get Votes
    All new entries receive 5 bonus points just for entering.

    Once your artwork is submitted, anyone can visit its individual artwork page where you will find a voting button. Each time a person successfully votes on our website's kid art page, a point will be added to the kid artist's point total.

    You can also earn 2 points for each fan that likes and/or shares the image of your artwork in our facebook album. In order for the shares to show and count, a voter must be a fan of our facebook page for the duration of the contest. This means a total of 4 votes can be obtained per facebook fan.

    How Do I Get Facebook Fan Votes
    A facebook fan voter must like your image in our album for the current month of the contest for 2 votes. We add these votes to your totals periodically during the month, usually on Fridays. Note : if you share it on your page tell your friends to click on our album and like the picture in our album for their votes to count.

    When will a winner be named?
    This is set up as a monthly contest. Voting ends on the last day of each month at 8PM ET. The winner will be notified on the first day of the following month, unless otherwise stated on our facebook page. The winner of the drawing is named in our monthly video posted on our website and facebook page within the first week of the start of the following month. The winner of the drawing must contact us after he or she sees she has won. You have until the end of the following month to contact us.

    What Can I Win?
    You can win a $20 gift card to http://www.craftyshops.com where gifts are made in the USA if you win the most votes. Here is a link to some made in the USA gifts we have that are great for kids Gifts great for kids. The top 5 vote getters each month will be put into a drawing to win a prize selected for that month. Watch our video each month to see the announcement of the drawing.

    What Will This Cost Me
    This contest is completely free! You are under no obligation to buy anything. Just have fun displaying your or your child's artwork with our web visitors. Please tell everyone you know about our contest.

    How Do I Get My Photo Back if I send it in the mail?
    Include a self addressed stamped envelope with your submission. We will send it back to you.

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