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How To Promote Your Craft Show or Fair Online

Focus Your Craft Show Promotion Locally or in Your State
If you are just starting out with a new craft show focus your advertising to local artists. Attending a new craft show is a big gamble for a crafter. They may choose to try yours out, but could have set up at another well-established craft show. The chance a vendor will choose to attend your craft show or fair may be a greater if your setup price is low and your craft show location to their home.

Let’s face it travel costs have skyrocketed. Besides gas, someone from Virginia is not going to attend a small craft show in Pennsylvania because they may not even make enough to cover gas and hotel. We get calls from craft show promoters wanting vendors we know to come to their show a few states away. Really, would you do that? Stay local. If your craft show matures in later years, the word of mouth advertising will spread your reach.

Create a website or a Blog For Your Craft Show
If you are computer challenged and do not have the funds to hire someone to build an elaborate website, you may want to create a Blog. Blogger.com allows you to create one with a tool that is much like Microsoft Word. You will just plug in what you want your crafters and craft show visitors to know and even attach your craft show application.

Posting your craft show information online allows you to change it at any time. Whereas, with printed brochures, the information is set in stone and not easily changed or corrected. With times a changing, vendors expect your information to be available online, even in limited form.

List your craft show in online directories
First list your craft show with us on craftyshowsandfairs.com . We only charge $2.95 for the life of your listing. After you are in the system look for emails to reenlist for much cheaper in future years. What we have to offer that other do not is a very popular Facebook fan page located at www.facebook.com/craftyshowsandfairs and a newsletter emailed out every Thursday with craft shows just in the states the subscriber asks to see.

Timing is everything. We suggest putting your craft show listing in place before the en d of the previous year. Craft show vendors will sign up and plan their upcoming craft show schedule in January and February of the current year. You have to understand the cycle of the craft show world. January through March are the big months for submitting craft show applications. Most will secure their spots for the following year by paying before the previous year’s show is over.

Create Facebook Fan page
Creating a Facebook Fan page for your craft show will open you up to a bigger market. Everybody that is on the internet is on Facebook, especially in the age group that will be signing up for your craft shows. Invite your craft show supporters and admirers to become your fan by sending them your link like we did! Keep their attention by posting cute and motivational pictures and events in your area. Also post your blog posts on your Facebook timeline too for more promotional opportunities.

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