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Craft Show Bulletin Boards - Add Your Craft Show -- $5.95 | $4.95 (No Monthly Fees)!
Just $5.95 $4.95 Each - No Monthly Fees - Your Craft Show Promoted 4 Ways!

1. Listed On our Craft Show Website State Pages

2. Seen in Craft Show Talk Newsletter emailed weekly to subscribers in your state!

3. Included in group shoutouts on Facebook Page (We do not shout out on an individual posts because we do not reach people as effectively)

4. Your craft show is pinned to our popular Pinterest Boards too !
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  • All listings are the same low price - Only $4.95 One-Time Fee -- No monthly fees!
  • Craft Show Listings with more recent event dates appear at the top of the list.
  • Each week, an email will be sent to subscribers for a given state with all active craft show listings for that state.
  • Just fill our form, click "Submit" button and Pay into our paypal.com account
  • Your crafting event will last in our system until it ends and no monthly fees.
  • If you need to make a correction later, just contact us on our craft show contact form. We gladly will make correction up to 2 times per listing.
  • We will send you an email asking you to relist your event at a reduced price for future years.

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    All About our craft show listings directory. A great place for craft shoppers, craft vendors, and craft shows promoters to find craft shows and promote craft shows, craft festivals, and craft fairs in every state.
    For Craft Shoppers :
    Enjoy our completely free craft show directory and find crafting events in your state of choice just by clicking our easy to use craft show directory menu. Find valuable information about each event like dates, directions and other valuable information. Also subscribe to our Crafters Talk Ezine and get crafting news and events for your state in your email inbox.
    For Craft Vendors :
    At no cost to you, search our free to search craft show directory and find many craft shows, fairs, or festivals you would like to apply to. A section in each craft show listing is dedicated to letting the craft show promoters tell you basic information that you as the craft show vendor needs to know.
    For Event Promoters:
    All craft fair listings cost only $4.95 each and sorted by dates -- no monthly fees to be viewed. Tell everyone about your craft shows, festivals, and bazaars and add your website link on your craft show page. Emails go out monthly to those looking for newly added craft shows in your state. If you have any questions about your listing or want to make a change please feel free to contact us.

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    Only $5.95 | $4.95 Each - Listings Sorted By Dates -- No Monthly Fees
    Your craft show information will also be included in our Crafty Talk Ezine emailed each week!

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