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How To Make A Sled Candy Cane Ornaments Instructions
Sled Candy Cane Ornaments
candy cane ornaments  
How to make Popsicle sled ornaments is simple with Christmas candy cane ornaments to make with painted Popsicle sticks. Use the traditional red and white candy canes as the Christmas sled rails. Just paint the Popsicle stick sled and glue it to the candy canes and you have the perfect candy cane sled ornaments to hang on your tree!

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Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff

No Christmas memory is complete without a bright red sled. Also known as toboggans or sleighs, sleds were first used by Europeans to traverse the artic winters when discovering new snowy regions. Later, they were used to haul men and goods through the streets pulled by dogs or horses. Today we dive right in with sled or sleigh rides down snow covered hills. Make a nostalgic red sled christmas ornament with friends and family for Christmas.

Instructions To Make A Sled Candy Cane Ornaments :
1. Paint all of your popscicle sticks red to make a red sled ornament.
2. Lay two sticks horizontally, then lay 5 sticks on top vertically.
3. Mark with a pen how you want to shape your sticks into a sled. We used the pyramid shape for the top and bottom like a traditional wood sled design. Cut the wood sticks to fit the design.
4. Glue the sticks the top sticks to the bottom sticks with glue.
5. Glue the two remaining sticks to each other with the red sides facing out.
6. Lay a heavy book on them to allow the glue to stick properly.
7. Glue your wood sled to your candy canes - An adult skilled with a hot glue gun should take the sled in one hand and dab the hot glue to one side of intersecting corners. Then immediately put one fo your candy cane ornament rails to it. Repeat on ot
8. Repeat the previous step with the other candy cane ornaments sled rail too. The candy canes should curl upwards over the sled.
9. Now glue the separate top wood sled piece (the piece we used to guide the sleds) to the top under the candy cane curls.
10. Use string or a Christmas colorful chennille stem to hang the Chrstimas candy cane ornamnets on your tree.
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Craft Supplies Needed
1. Wood popsicle sticks - set of 8 per candy cane sled ornament - Order Wood Craft Sticks
2. Christmas candy canes - set of 2 per sled - Order Candy Canes
3. Chenille stem - to hang your sled ornament on the tree - Order Red Chenille Stems
4. Red paint and paint brush
5. Glue
6. Hot glue gun and glue
7. Scissors

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