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Find Free Craft Ideas & Instructions - How To Make A Ghost Pirate Ship Halloween Candy Bowl
Ghost Pirate Ship Halloween Candy Bowl
make pirate ship  
Serve your Halloween candy in this easy to make pirate ship holding lollipop ghost pirates too. This halloween ghost ship candy bowl is made from egg cartons hot glued together then wrapped with black tissue paper. The perfect Halloween centerpiece for any Halloween kid party with ghosts ship passengers on your party list. Also you can find great nautical gifts for friends and family tree.
Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff

Everybody wants to be a pirate for Halloween or make a pirate ship for a decoration. From Captain Hook to Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the the Disney channel and the Disney movie villain, Captain Sparrow on Pirates of the Carribbean pirates are the thing to be. For your next Halloween party serve pirate booty in this pirate ship candy bowl.

Instructions To Make A Ghost Pirate Ship Halloween Candy Bowl :
1. Make your ghost pirate ship - Cut your egg carton apart into its two halves. Cut the bottom part in half.
2. Making the hull of your ghost ship, hot glue the two bottom halves together gluing the bottom of the cups to the bottom of the next cup. Then glue them to the egg carton lid.
3. Pop a hole in the center with the sharp edge of scissors. Most egg carton lides have a bump in the middle that is perfect for pushing a ship sail pole through.
4. Cut a ship of aluminum foil that will cover the top of the ship. Smooth it down and crease it into place.
5. Cut out a large enough sheet of black tissue paper and wrap the bottom of the ship like you would wrap a present. Use tape to take it into place at the top and cover up the edges of the aluminum foil.
6. To make the pirate ship sail - cut out two large rectanular sheets of black paper. On each side glue a scull and cross bones you cut out of orange construction paper. Cut out strips of orange to fold and line the top and the bottom like a pirate fl
7. To make the ship sail pole - take two regular size straws. Cut one in half. Then use masking tape to tape them into place, so that they are 1.5X the size of the one straw.
8. Leave about two inches on top and bottom, then glue the ship sail to the pole like a banner flag would hang.
9. At the top paste a small flag you make by cutting out a four inch piece of black paper and glue to together around the top of the flag pole. Add an orange X for added pirate flag decorations.
10. Using your Halloween stickers, decorate your pirate ship flag with ghosts, skulls, and pumpkins and such.
11. Poke the flag pole through the hole provided on your ship.
12. Now decorate your ghost ship Halloween candy bowl with your Halloween stickers. We added pumpkin stickers around the top edge to complimnet the sugar pumpkin Halloween candy we purchased.
13. To make the water flowing under the ship - we made tissue paper flowers. Cut out 5 circles (3 blue and 2 black) Lay them on top of each other, then poke a chenille stem through.
14. On one side of the chenille stem, turn down about a half an inch and twist. Pull the papers up and crease them in different directions together. Then pull the layers apart forming them into a carnation like flower. Cut about an inch from the bttom
15. Cut about an inch from the bottom and twist it at this end like the first end. Repeat this making about 10 flowers.
16. Cut out a big sheet of blue tissue paper to lay down as your base. Then lay the ship down, then lay your flowers aorund it.
17. Fill your Halloween candy bowl with yummy sugary candies.
18. To make your lollipop pirates - cut out a 6 by 6 inch square of white tissue paper. Wrap a lollipop forming it into a ghost. Wrap a white piece of yarn around the neck and tie it into place.
19. Add an eye patch and pirate hat to your lollipop ghost. We put a halloween stick in the middle of the pirate hat for added effect.
20. Make 4 lollipop pirate ghosts. Then push them into your ship using the candies to support them.
21. Now you have used your imagination and every day craft supplies to make an inventive ghost pirate ship Halloween candy bowl great for any Halloween party decoration or as a scary and tasty Halloween centerpiece idea.
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Craft Supplies Needed
1. 1 Egg carton
2. Hot glue gun - adult supervision required
3. Black tissue paper - enought to wrap your ghost ship halloween candy bowl and to make the sail.
4. Halloween stickers - ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and such
5. Two straws
6. Paper glue
7. Orange construction paper
8. Blue and Black tissue paper to make the tissue paper flowers for the watery base.
9. Large cup to measure 4 inch diameter circles.
10. Chennile stem (approx 2 ) for making your tissue paper flowers.
11. Lollipops
12. White tissue paper - enough to wrap your lollipops to make ghosts.

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