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How To Make A Unicorn Mask For Costume Instructions
Unicorn Mask For Costume
unicorn mask  
A unicorn craft to live out a magical unicorn story. Why not make a unicorn costume for Halloween or play and make a unicorn mask using only a simple paper plate other unicorn craft supplies like glitter and colored construction paper.
Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff

These magical horses called unicorns have been a part of folk lore in China, Japan, India, and even Europe for centuries. No scientific evidence is found to prove the existence of these mythological creatures. Little girls have fun pretending with these unicorn masks they can make themselves. Just add pretty colors and sparkles to make the mask of a unicorn face your own unicorn costume creation.

Instructions To Make A Unicorn Mask For Costume :
1. Take your craft stick and lay it down the middle of your paper plate with the place you put the food facing up.
2. Fold the side into make a triangle shape with your paper plate, but let the bottom have some flatness to it, much like the face of a unicorn or horse in general.
3. Draw eyes into your unicorn face and cut them out.
4. Now go back to where you folded your paper plate. Cut some of the top off, so you can see through the eye holes and have enough paper to cut out unicorn ears, but still keep the shape.
5. Tape the two ends of your paper plate together with a few strands of tape. The craft stick should be peaking through at the bottom.
6. With your construction paper -- cut out eye frames, a snout, and ear centers. Glue them all into place.
7. Cut approximately 4 half inch wide strips of paper to make the hair. Coil them with your pen to give your unicorn mask a curly hair look. Decorate your unicorn costume how you want to, but unicorn hair is a special must have.
8. Fold the strips of paper down about 1 inch and glue them to the top of your unicorn head.
9. Finish cutting out your ears and glue the earn insides to them. Then glue them to the top corners of your unicorn mask craft.
10. To make the unicorn horn -- Cut out a 7 X 6 inch piece of construction paper. Fold it into a cone shape with the tip at the top and an open base at the bottom like a unicorn horn. Cut a strip of pink paper out and wrap it around the horn, gluing or
11. Cut a strip of pink paper out and wrap it around the horn, gluing or taping it to the horn.
12. Now have some fun adding glitter glue to your unicorn mask to give it that magical touch like in any unicorn story.
13. Once your unicorn horn drives, cut a few slits into the base of the horn. Apply glue to the bottoms of the slits and the bottom edges. Glue the unicorn horn to the forehead of your kid mask.
14. Now you have a cool, colorful, sparkling unicorn mask to use as a Halloween unicorn costume and act out any unicorn story for fun!
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Craft Supplies Needed
1. White paper plate
2. Large craft stick
3. Scotch tape
4. Tacky glue -- needed to stick the unicorn horn to the face of the unicorn mask
5. Construction paper - purple and pink or whatever colors you want to decorate your unicorn mask to make it pretty.
6. Scissors
7. Pen
8. Glitter glue - We used silver glitter glue to make our unicorn look very magical like in the unicorn story books.

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