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Find Free Craft Ideas & Instructions - How To Make A Barbie Wedding Dress Centerpiece
Barbie Wedding Dress Centerpiece
barbie party decorations  
A Barbie wedding dress is an easy to make barbie party decoraton. A tissue paper wedding gown decorated with rose buds, silk bows, and pearl pins for this unique wedding centerpiece idea. Wrap your choice of wedding flowers around the base for added effect. Use as a bridal centerpiece or sit it next on your unique wedding gifts table.
Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff

Instructions To Make A Barbie Wedding Dress Centerpiece :
1. Cut the bottom of the sock where the heal starts and put it on your barbie doll like a tight strapless dress. The lace should drape down from the top.
2. Take the double sided scotch tape and wrap a piece around the waisteline of your barbie doll where the skirt of the gown will meet the bodice.
3. Lay the 25 X 25 inch double sided white tissue paper on a flat surface. Lay the small paper plate in the center. Stand your barbie doll up. Using poly fill surround your barbie doll on all sides.
4. Make sure doll is facing a corner. Lift the corners up to the waistline and fold down the excess. pin the corners using the pearl pins.
5. Fold up each extra corner halfway and pin in place with a small silk bow using 3 pearl pins in a design.
6. You may want to connect the bows with flowing white ribbon that dips as well.
7. Cut out a long piece of white silk ribbon and pin it around the waistline hiding any blemishes. In the back tie into a flowing bow.
8. Cut the tops off of your white silk rose buds and glue them to the middle section of the bridal gown with a hot glue gun.
9. Add more extras like glitter and pearl topped pins to make your barbie bridal gown centerpieces spectacular.
10. Spread your wedding flowers around the bottom of the wedding gown as the finishing touch.
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Craft Supplies Needed
1. Princess Barbie Doll - We bought ours from a dollar store for only 3 dollars.
2. White tissue paper - 25 X 25 inch sheet / 2 sheets for each wedding gown
3. White baby sock with thick lace top that folds down
4. White silk rose buds (approx 5or 6 per wedding gown)
5. 1 inch thick white silk ribbon
6. White pearl topped pins
7. Double sided scotch tape
8. Fabric and paper scissors
9. A piece of lace or tulle netting for making the barbie bridal veil
10. Pack of polly fill
11. small paper plate - 7 inch diameter
12. Hot glue gun (for adding your rose buds)

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