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    Butterfly Kids Puppet
    Butterfly Kids Puppet  
    Butterfly Kids Puppet. Make a puppet from a paper bag that looks like a butterfly flapping its wings. Butterfly crafts are great for preschool craft projects in the Spring, especially a preshcool paper bag craft.
    Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
    Difficulty : Easy
    Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff
    Materials Needed
    1. Small lunch size paper bag
    2. construction paper - One color for making butterfly wings another color for butterfly head
    3. Glittery colorful piper cleaner
    4. Scissors
    5. Marker - to make a butterfly face
    6. Butterfly wings decoration - glitter glue, crayons, markers, etc
    7. White glue
    8. Scotch tape

    1. How to make butterfly wings : Fold an 8.5 X 11 inch sheet of construction paper in half long ways. Draw one half of the wings and cut them out.
    2. Lay the butterfly wings with the fold facing down. Decorate the wings with glitter glue, markers, and such.
    3. Use a large cup to trace a circle for the butterfly face on another sheet of consstruction paper.
    4. Draw a face with eyes, nose, and smiley mouth. Accent the face with glitter glue.
    5. Lay the paper bag with the bottom facing the top and folded toward you.
    6. At the very top of the folded bottom, pop two holes with your scissors. Thread your pipe cleaner through with the ends visible too the outside. Fold the ends over to make two circles.
    7. Glue the face over the bottom of the folded bag. Hide the openings for the butterfly antennae
    8. When the wings dry, tape them to the back of the butterfly. Use two pieces of tape at the top and the bottom. Your butter fly wings should flutter when you move your butterfly kids puppet up and down while playing.
    9. Now you have a colorful, happy butterfly kids puppet made from a simple brown lunch paper bag. Now have many adventures pretending with your butterfly kids puppet!

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