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Find Free Craft Ideas & Instructions - How To Make A Glitter Tissue Paper Snowflake Ornament
Glitter Tissue Paper Snowflake Ornament
snowflake ornament  
Make your own glittery snowflake ornaments using tissue paper and glitter. Easy snowflake ornament craft for any age. Snowflake ornament great for on the Christmas tree or on a Christmas wreath.
Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff

The unique mixture of snow crystals makes up a snow flake. We replaced the ice with something else that sparkles -- glitter! Make your own snowflake ornament that shines lighting up the Christmas spirit as an ornament on your Christmas tree. The snowflake is the traditional symbol for a white christmas even if there is no snow laying on the ground to make a snowman.

Instructions To Make A Glitter Tissue Paper Snowflake Ornament :
1. Draw a circle the size of your ornament onto your blue foam and cut it out.
2. Cut out the same size circle into the white tissue paper also.
3. Fold the circle into a half circle and then anothe half and then another half until you have a folded pizza slice shape.
4. Use your scissors and cut out a design into the paper that will show up on all of the different sides of your tissue paper snowflake.
5. Unfold the tissue paper snowflake and lay it out flat.
6. Make a glitter border around the outside of the blue circle using glue and then spreading glitter over it.
7. Apply glue to the center back of your tissue paper snowflake and apply it to the center of your blue circle
8. Glue a craft jewel to the center of your snowflake then add glitter around the inside sections. Do not add glitter/glue ot the outside because it will way your snowflake flanks down.
9. Make a hole in the top with a hole punch, then string a piece of ribbon through it.
10. Do the same to the other side.
11. Now you have a fabulous shiney snowflake ornament made from tissue paper.
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Craft Supplies Needed
1. White tissue paper to make your snowflake
2. Blue foam paper
3. Glitter
4. Scissors
5. Glue
6. Craft jewel

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