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How To Make A Santa Spoon Christmas Ornament Instructions
Santa Spoon Christmas Ornament
Santa Christmas ornament  
How to make Santa Claus Christmas ornament from a white plastic spoon. Follow the instructions to shape Ole St. Nick's paper Santa Claus hat using simple origami folding techniques easy for little hands. The white fluffy part is made using cotton balls. Easy Santa Christmas ornament craft for kids and adults alike with plastic spoons and imagination.

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Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff

Everyone loves santa claus. This is an easy craft for kids to make a christmas ornament at school, home, or church. All you need is a white plastic spoon and some paper and you Christmas cheer. Ho ho ho for Santa crafts to make!

Instructions To Make A Santa Spoon Christmas Ornament :
1. Glue a piece of orange tissue paper over the smooth back face of the plastic spoon. Trim the edges.
2. Make the santa hat from paper - Cut out a 4 inch square sheet of red paper. Fold it over to make 2 triangles and cut them apart. Only use one of them.
3. Lay the triangle down with the one point facing upward. Fold the other points in so that you form a cone. Two small triangles overlap the new triangle you are forming. Fold the triangles in and tuck them into the center of the cone shape. It shou
4. Take a cotton ball and push the center through so that you can unwind it. lay the strip acros the bottom of the santa hat, making its fluffy brim. Glue it into place. You may need to trim it to make it look the best.
5. Fold the tip of the cone hat down so that the point changes from going up and down to side to side. Glue it into place.
6. Take a tiny piece of cotton and glue it to the tip of the santa hat. Now you have made the santa hat,
7. Wrap the hat around the top of the your santa spoon head. Add glue to the inside brim of the hat. Attach it to the top of the spoon.
8. To make your santa face. Cut out two tiny circles and glue them on as cheeks. Add funny eyes. Use the maker to connect the cheeks for a mouth. Then add the nose.
9. Add the beard. Take a strip of cotton and fluff it up appropriately and glue it around the bottom edge of your santa spoon face.
10. Now you have a fun easy to make Santa ornament to hang from your Christmas tree this holiday season!!!
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Craft Supplies Needed
1. White plastic spoon
2. Orange tissue paper
3. White cotton balls -- about 2-3 per santa
4. Red construction paper
5. Glue
6. Funny eyes
7. Scissors
8. Black magic marker

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