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Kid Genealogy Totem Pole
how to make a totem pole  
How to make a totem pole at home. Totem poles tell a family story, much like a family crest to the Europeans. Making a kid genealogy totem pole is fun craft to tell the story of your own family. Each segment represents a collage of images about a topic as it relates to your family.
Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff
Materials Needed
1. Paper towel holder (cardboard)
2. Medium size styrofoam ball
3. Tissue paper - to paper mache your animal head - we used yellow to make a duck head for on top of the totem pole.
4. Construction paper - 4 different colors
5. Old magazines with pictures you can cut out of your favorite things.
6. Scissors
7. Glue
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Instructions To Make A Kid Genealogy Totem Pole :
1. Choose an animal that represents your family like a duck, cat, bear, etc. Paper mache your styrofoam ball with tissue paper and decorate it using toothpicks to make the animals head.
2. Cut out four strips of different colored paper about 2 inches thick. Each will wrap around your totem pole.
3. Determine some family topics, such as favorite things to do, favorite foods to eat, favorite animals, and favorite sports to play.
4. Sift through your magazines and cut out pictures of things that fit into each category. Paste them to each strip of paper that pertains to the given topic.
5. Glue the strips to your paper towel role holder that acts as your genealogy totem pole.
6. Glue your animal head to the top and now your have a unique family history displayed on a genealogy totem pole craft!

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