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Find Free Craft Ideas & Instructions - How To Make A Female Family Tree Cookbook
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Female Family Tree Cookbook
family tree cookbook  
Document the amazing women in your family with a female family tree cookbook. Decorate the front cover of a binder and add pages inside displaying the favorite recipes and stories about the women in your family tree.
Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff

All families have their secret family recipes. Why not share stories about family members and their recipes in a family tree cookbook. Our cookbook cover is an easy crafty design for making a chef hat and such cooking tools as spatulas.

Instructions To Make A Female Family Tree Cookbook :
1. Now you have a family treasure that keeps important family tree information about your family members.
2. Cover your binder with the wrapping paper like you make a book cover.
3. Make your chef hat - cut out three pieces of tissue paper. Fold the sides in and bunch them. Make three and overlap them on the top of the book.
4. Cut out a rectangular piece of white felt. Fold it in half and cut a rectangular window through the middle. Glue it to a piece of green construction paper and cut it out..
5. Using bubble paint write the phrase -- Family Tree Cookbook
6. Glue the base of your chef hat to the bottom of the three puffy tissue paper chef hat toppers.
7. Make rolling pin - Trace a rolling pin shape into tan felt and cut it out. Outline it by tacking black yarn to the outline and down the middle of the pin.
8. Make a cup cake - Draw an open triangle into a piece of orange felt. To give it the cupcake paper effect outline it by gluing black yarn and add it with multiple verticle lines down the middle. Cut out a curvy circle and glue it ot the top.
9. Make a spatula - Draw a curved spatula topper shape into a piece of white foam paper. Cut it out. Cut out a long tan piece of felt to make the handle. Glue black yarn on the outline of th etan handle. Glue it to the spatula top.
10. We glued the rolling pin, cupcake, and spatula to the bottom layer of the cookbook cover.
11. Make appointments with family members share an afternoon cooking their favorite dish.
12. Take pictures of the dish and sharing the moment with them.
13. Write down the recipe and cooking instructions.
14. Include biography information about each family member. Ask them what they remembered about cooking with thier family as a child too.
15. Craft your cookbook by including all of the information you compiled. Place your pages inside page protectors and include them in your cookbook.
16. Now you have a family treasure that keeps important family tree information about your family members.
Craft Supplies Needed
1. Binder - We used a large plain binder with room to add plastic page protectors
2. Wrapping paper - enough to make a cookbook cover for your binder
3. Tissue paper - used to make the puffy top of the chef hat
4. Soft Felt Material - white, tan, pink, orange
5. White foam - for the top of the spatula
6. Black yarn - outline your collage pieces
7. Construction paper - we used green for inside the bottom of the chef hat
8. Scissors - material grade sheers for the felt and paper sheers for the paper.
9. Glue - white glue for paper | tacky glue for the felt
10. Tape or glue to affix the wrapping paper book cover in place
11. Page protectors - To add protective pages for your cookbook
12. Camera - take pictures of you and the family member preparing the dish of your choice
13. Blue bubble paint

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