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How To Make A Kids Igloo Craft Project Instructions
Kids Igloo Craft Project
kids igloo  
Instructions for how to make a kids igloo craft : create some man made snow and build yourself an igloo craft with using free craft ideas for kids. This igloo fits into a cereal box and is made by stacking packing peanuts glazed with shaving cream snow. Building an igloos is a great snow day kid craft when you want to stay inside where it is warm!

More American Indian crafts include making a kids teepee from a paper bag and a family tree totem pole for more fun.
Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff

Some build large kid igloos out of stacking plastic milk jugs. This igloo craft for kids is much smaller, but still has the pizzazz. Kids can learn how to use different materials to engineer structures. For teachers this is a great winter craft or a unique way to study the letter I.

Instructions To Make A Kids Igloo Craft Project :
1. Cut one of the long wide sides out of your cereal box so you have a base with four opposing sides.
2. Cut into your toilet paper holder, so that it makes a dome or crescent shape instead of a circle.
3. Using your toilet paper holder mark where you want to cut into the styrofoam bowl, so that you can make the opening or doorway for your icy igloo.
4. Using scotch tape affix the doorway to the dome shape of your igloo.
5. Shake your can of shaving cream and spray it into a styrofoam bowl. Squirt a large helping of glue into it and stir it together until well blended.
6. Spread you white snow across the bottom and along the walls of the cereal box.
7. Lay your bowl and toilet paper holder igloo base inside the cereal box. Press down and hold it there with something heavy like a book until the igloo is secured to the base of the snow.
8. Spread your shaving cream/glue snowy mixture over the top of the entire igloo.
9. Try to take the same sized white packing peanuts and attach them to the bowl and toilet paper igloo in an interval block pattern. Start by laying them across the doorway. Then start at the base of the dome and build around and upwards.
10. Let your igloo dry overnight and then find it complete the next morning. Now you have an icey snow igloo made with snow and packing peanuts for your next show and tell at school.
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Craft Supplies Needed
1. 1 Large styrofoam bowl
2. 1 toilet paper roll holder
3. 1 Can of barbasol - shaving cream
4. 1 bottle of glue
5. Bag full of white packing peanuts
6. Empty cereal box
7. Thick paint brush
8. Scissors
9. Scotch Tape

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