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How To Make A Turkey Thanksgiving Family Tree Instructions

Turkey Thanksgiving Family Tree
You can create a turkey with colorful feathers act as a creative Thankgiving family tree. Include, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins into the tail feathers of your colorful Turkey Thanksgiving Family Tree that will become a treasured Thanksgiving family keepsake!
Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff

Instructions To Make A Turkey Thanksgiving Family Tree :
1. Sketch the turkey onto a piece of scrap paper to serve as your outline.
2. Their children + their spouses fill the rectangles connecting the body to the full feathers.
3. The names of the children fill the eye of the colorful feathers of your turkey Thanksgiving family tree.
4. Cut out the number of feathers equal to the number of grandchildren. The thickness will depend on how many need to be displayed around the body of the turkey.
5. Draw a teardrop in each feather. Cut the teardrop out. Use the first teardrop cutout as the guide for the rest of the teardrop cut outs in each turkey feather.
6. A separate color depicts each child and their family. Therefore, cover the backs of each deardrop with a color corresponding to that child. For example if Sarah has 3 children, three feathers should have red teardrops.
7. Layout the feathers and glue them to the body of the turkey with the turkey body on top of the feathers. Make sure that the feathers and the turkey are not bigger than the paper serving as the background for your turkey thanksgiving family tree post
8. Glue the feathers and turkey body to the poster.
9. Cut out a large rectangle in orange (the main color) - the place card for the grandparents, then cut out smaller rectangles in the appropriate colors to represent the names of the children in your family tree.
10. Glue all of the placecards to the family tree in the appropriate position on the family tree poster.
11. Glue the turkey head to the turkey. Then add the funny eyes and an orange triangle for the turkey beak.
12. Take a black marker and write the names of each person on your family tree in their appropriate position. Grandparents in the center, aunts and uncles in the middle, and the names of cousins in the feathers.
13. You can add another layer of great grandchildren or children of the grandchildren (cousins) above the third layer of your turkey family tree.
14. As a finishing touch, you may want to outline everything with your black marker.
15. Since family trees change all of the time, sign your family tree poster on the bottom right corner - "[Thankgiving Family Tree - [the year]"
Craft Supplies Needed
1. Construction Paper (Fall colors : Blue, Red, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Purple, etc)
2. Circle makers (Larger and small circle for body and head of your turkey)
3. Funny eyes
4. Scissors
5. Pencil
6. Marker
7. Glue

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