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Pumpkin Serving Bowl
pumpkin serving bowl  
Serve fresh fruit in a pumpkin serving bowl grate for a fall wedding or bridal shower deserts decorated for your fall wedding. Learn how to carve and decorate a pumpkin serving bowl with big fancy bows and silver garland to make your serving table the bell of any fall wedding.
Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff
Materials Needed
1. Pumpkin - Pick out one that is symmetrical and more round than tall so you can fit more wedding food into it.
2. Foil - 2 long sheets
3. Bell pattern or draw your own on white paper.
4. Pumpkin carving saw, but any serrated knife will do.
5. Garland - Silver
6. Ribbon to make a large bow
7. Marker
8. Masking tape
9. Hot glue gun
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Instructions To Make A Pumpkin Serving Bowl :
1. Clean the outside of your pumpkin.
2. Use your marker to draw the top opening of your pumpkin before cutting. Do not worry about your marks showing because we will hide them with the garland.
3. Cut the top hat off and remove the excess pumpkins and seeds to make the surface inside the pumpkin as flat as you can make it.
4. Tape the pattern of a bell to your pumpkin with masking tape. Be sure to only cut the silhouette of the bell because the inside parts will not attach to the edges of the pumpkin when carved.
5. Cut out your pattern of a bell. Make sure that it fits into the space appropriately. You may need to cut slits into it so it lays flat enough across your concave pumpkin.
6. To keep your pumpkin from wrinkling, you may want to let it sit in a tub of water until the day you need it. Some professional pumpkin carvers even suggest adding disinfectants to the water to combat against insects trying to decompose your pumpkin.
7. Now layer the inside of your pumpkin with foil wrap. Cut a long sheet and make sure it cleanly covers your bell opening. Then lay another sheet inside your pumpkin that crosses the original foil sheet layed inside your pumpkin. Be sure to smooth i
8. Fold the extra foil down over the edge of the opening to your pumpkin. Cut the excess above 1 inch and tape or hot glue it down.
9. Hot glue garland around the top opening of your pumpkin and the outline of your wedding bell pumpkin carving.
10. Make a large bow out of thick ribbon that compliments your wedding colors. Hot glue the large bow to the top of your wedding bell pumpkin carving.
11. Now you have a unique pumpkin serving bowel that will be the talk of any fall wedding!

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