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How To Make A Elephant Mask With Elephants Trunk Instructions
Elephant Mask With Elephants Trunk
elephant mask  
Make your own elephant masks with a moveable elephants trunk from simple materials like a paper plate, toilet paper holder, tissue paper, and your child's wild imagination. Just blow into the mask hole to make the elephants trunk move up and down for hours of fun and a cute addition to any Halloween costume. Elephant art that is simple to make and pretend to be an elephant too. You can make masks for other animals like an duck masks in the pond or a magical animal like a unicorn mask too.
Time to Complete : < 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Submitted By : Crafty Shops Creative Staff

Elephants are so magical for kids with their tallness and all the things they can do with their elephant trunk. Preschool teachers and parents love this kid mask for circus parties and to learn about elephants or the letter E. The kids enjoy seeing how they can make the nose move with their breath.

Instructions To Make A Elephant Mask With Elephants Trunk :
1. Place your paper plate face down so that the grooves face away from you.
2. Position the toilet paper hold where your truck should be. Trace around the outer edge of the roll opening. Cut the circle out, so you can push the roll completely through the paper plate.
3. Paint or color the opposite side of the paper plate, so that it matches or compliments the color of the tissue paper you selected to make the ears and trunk of your elephant.
4. Lay 2 sheets of tissue paper and 2 sheets of black construction paper under a paper plate positioned with the outter grooves down (so the plate layes flat). Trace the line of the paper plate about a little more than a third of the paper plate's cir
5. Cut the outline you made of the ears from all four sheets of paper. Then cut the outer edge of the black paper and glue it to the tissue paper forming an outline for your elephant ears.
6. Glue the inner flaps of your elephant ears to the paper plate along the inward flap of the paper plate.
7. To make the elephant trunk. Wrap tissue paper that is twice the length of your toilet paper holder around the toilet paper holder. Then glue or tape the tissue paper in place making a trunklike tube. Close the end of the elephant trunk by folding
8. Close the end of the elephant trunk by folding the end up. Make sure that your fold is along the seam of your elephant trunk, so it will function like a real elephant trunk when you blow into it.
9. Add eyes and other decorations like a bow tie or hair on your face of your elephant. These touches will give your elephant mask a personality of its own.
10. Push the trunk through the hold you made earlier. Make sure you have about an inch or so, then cut slits into the toilet paper holder. Fold the slits down toward the paper plate, then glue them in place.
11. Now you can punch holes into the sides of the paper plate and attach a string or glue a pop cicle stick to the bottom and hold your mask in place.
12. Blow out to move your elephant trunk up and suck the wind inward to make your elephant trunk deflate a move the turnk downward. Like an elephant, remember to have a roaring good time!
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Craft Supplies Needed
1. 1 Paper plate
2. 1 Empty toilet paper holder
3. Tissue Paper (Gray or another color like purple to make your elephant vibrant)
4. Construction Paper (black and yellow colors)
5. Scissors
6. Scotch Tape
7. Glue
8. Large Funny eyes or make eyes with colored construction paper
9. String to wear your elephant mask or a popsicle stick to hold your mask on your face
10. Paints or crayons to color your elephants face to match his ears and trunk.

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