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history of christmasThe history of Christmas ornaments centers around using homemade craft supplies to brighten up any Christmas tree decorations. The homemade Christmas ornaments ideas represent many traditions, such as a special family milestone or even the chosen Christmas theme of the decorator. During the holiday season, everyone loves to see homemade Christmas tree ornaments made by kids hanging from a Christmas tree. We have designed a variety of easy make it yourself homemade Christmas ornaments to share with our readers that could work great as Christmas gifts for friends and family. Some Christmas ornament types include snowflakes, snowmen, and make it yourself Christmas tree balls. First, lets learn about the history of Christmas tree ornaments.

Making Homemade Christmas Ornaments History
Earliest Christmas Ornaments :
The early Christmas around the world tree decorators embellished their evergreens with edible items, such as fruits, like apples. The apple represented life and the impending return of Spring after battening down the hatches for the winter months. Families added bits of shiny metals to their trees as well. Later ornaments were made from gingerbread shaped into magical Christmas symbols like stars, bells, musical instruments, and fruits.

German Manufacturers of Christmas Ornaments:
In 19th century, German manufacturers understood the popularity of Christmas tree ornaments, so they began producing them for sale. This act brought Christmas tree ornaments to the masses. Blowing glass into cherished Christmas symbols became very popular, replacing the use of fruits and other edible handmade Christmas tree decorations.

Some towns were known for their glass blowing, such as Lauscha. In 1847, the family of Hans Greiner opened a glasswork plant in Lauscha. Using their creativity and Christmas spirit, the Greiner clan invented transformed their operation to make glass ornaments. Eventually they evolved into what we know today as Christmas balls. The glass ornaments blown in Lauscha were named, Glaskugeln, and are still popular collectors items today.

The German manufacturers also replaced the use of metal pieces added to the tree with their version of tinsel. According to the Germans, the tinsel represented Angel hair. Around the 1600s, the Germans pressed real silver into tiny strips to make the first known tinsel. Unfortunately, the silver suffered from tarnishing due to the smoke excreting from the lit candles attached to the trees. Eventually tinsel makers replaced silver with pewter, an alloy of tin, as more durable material of choice.

Christmas Ornaments in the Victorian Era :
During the Victorian era, Queen Victoria adopted the practice of decorating a tree for as part of her Christmas holiday celebrations. Her English subjects copied her love for the activity and thus solidified Christmas trees as a tradition in England. Furthermore, magazines published instructions for how to make handmade Christmas tree ornaments, adding to the tradition's popularity everywhere the magazines were read.

Bringing Christmas Ornaments to America :
The German immigrants implanted their Christmas tree decorating tradition on the North American continent. American enjoyed making homemade ornaments and even dyed popcorn strings as an edible embellishment. In the 1880s, F. W. Woolworth, the owner of one of the original American five-and-dime stores, visited Germany and learned first hand about Lauscha's, Glaskugeln. A huge part of Woolworth's success stems from his importation of the glass ornaments manufactured in Germany.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments Craft Ideas

Snowman Ornament
snowflake ornament
Snowflake Ornament
santa claus ornament
Santa Claus Ornaments

Angel Christmas Ornaments

Ringed Christmas Card Ornament

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